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Google joins in sleazy (yet legal) tax evasion

Google is cheating you out of $60 billion dollars

Lots of business practices are considered legal but sleazy, and above-board companies won’t engage in the them even if they increase profits – from high pressure sales tactics to child labor where its legal. Why is it that companies like Google and Microsoft are given a pass on using their many-million dollar legal budgets to push the US tax burden onto the rest of us?  How do you feel about Google when you are writing a $10,000 check to the IRS with the knowledge that Google isn’t writing a $60 billion check because they have better lawyers?

By essentially not paying taxes, Google is forcing the rest of us to pay more, and they are reducing their incentive to work within the American political system to promote sensible tax reform if they object to our existing tax system.  It has to come from somewhere, folks.

Can we all please recognize that this sort of legal tax evasion is sleazy and unworthy of a company that takes “Don’t be evil” as their motto?

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  1. Tim December 7th, 2010 14:19 pm

    If you want to talk about sleazy… Make somone pay around 50% in tax for every dollar of salary they pay out THEN take over 20% of whatever they have left. What do corporations get for that money? The US gov’t certainly hasn’t earned that money, but they sure think they’re entitled to it.

    The US gave the uber-corrupt/incompetent banks a 700+billion dollar no-strings-attached bailout and you’re whining about companies that are net contributors to your economy saving themselves some money?

    Okay, cash rich multinationals are easy targets, but they’re not defenseless. You’d be better off invading a tiny third world country and trying to tax them or appropraite their natural assets. Oh wait, you tried that and went broke doing it. Hence the urgency to try and steal money from Google, Microsoft, Facebook, etc. to pay the US defecit because nobody in Washington can balance a check book.

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