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Small Violin Plays: TechCrunch Criticised by Microsoft-employed Blogger

Arrington calls Obasanjo a moron

Somebody pull Arrington away from the keyboard.  Welcome to the age of the Twitter-cation, when minor celebrities can show their human side by publicly grandstanding about who is a bigger moron.

Expect general silence about this entertaining meltdown from the silicon valley digerati, many of whom pant at Michael Arrington’s every word. Most will be loathe to risk Arrington’s annoyance, since a shout-out on the TechCrunch blog is seen as a key PR turning point for a struggling startup. (The truth is TechCrunch can generate a lot of clicks and a half day of high visibility to entrepreneurial geekdom, but most of the new “users” will be valley news junkies afraid of not knowing about the next big thing and any link-love will be temporal as you’ll be on the second page in less than a day.  It’s good PR, but will not change a company’s prospects.)

TechCrunch, for the 99.9% of the world who have never heard of it, is a tech startup blog. The content is high volume, often interesting, usually opinionated, frequently critical, and heavily focused on social media. Stinging criticism of startups is often presented with god-like certainty. The criticisms are sometimes valid, and sometimes seem personal. Such is the right of a blogger.

Michael Arrington, the TechCrunch blogger, caused general LOLing today by continuing his earlier lashing out about Dare Obasanjo, a far less visible blogger, for poking at TechCrunch for being too negative on the influences of economic capitulation on startup-dom.  Arrington accuses him of representing Microsoft’s attempts to discredit TechCrunch, despite the fact that, although Obasanjo is a Microsoft-ee, his blog does not seem to be Microsoft focused.

See for yourself.   My favorite:

@MossyBlog settled down, gave it some thought, and I still think you’re a moron. and oh yeah, I just uninstalled silverlight. jerk.

The story goes like this:

  1. Hotshot blogger criticizes lots of companies, says their technology is inadequate or predicts failure.
  2. Blogger employed by Microsoft uses his personal blog to criticize said hotshot blogger for being negative.
  3. Hotshot blogger upset that he was criticized and makes a scene about evil Microsoft conspiracy to crush him.
  4. Companies that hotshot blogger criticized scratch chin.
  5. Hotshot blogger uninstalls Silverlight.

UPDATE:  Arrington cancels Microsoft coverage:

TechCrunch Microsoft asked us to live stream a Ballmer talk after the PDC. Accepted last week, just canceled. We have better things to cover.

Michael Arrington about 5m ago via web

Take that Ballmer!

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