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Sarah Palin Lies About Her Beliefs – How to Tell

It doesn’t take a CIA trained interrogator to see that Sarah Palin is lying about her beliefs.  She has a clear-as-day liar’s tell.  Her neck tenses briefly as she closes in on a fib, and she closes her eyes, smirks tensely, and bobbles her head uncomfortably as she tells it.

In some way this means she is honest.  Her soul and her heart do not want to lie and her unconscious struggles to stop her, but loses.  Her cerebral ambition, and the pressure from her coaches, compel her to deception.

Watch this video from 1:09 to 1:15, first with no sound and then with sound. When you are done, watch the whole video if you like to see how different she looks when she isn’t lying.

(I tried to use YouTube params to have it play just that time period, but I couldn’t get it to work. Fixes appreciated.)

Please send me other examples of Palin’s liar’s tells if you find them. (I’m not interested hearing about her lies – those are covered elsewhere.)

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