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Who is paying e-rewards?

I have been a member of e-rewards for a while now.  They e-mail me offers to make $5 to $15 in funny money in exchange for answering mind-numbing surveys.  The funny money compensation can be easily converted into gift certificates and loyalty program points.

Every once in a while I actually torture myself and answer one of their surveys.  I don’t know why.  Maybe it makes me feel important.  Maybe it makes me feel better about my own failures.

Anyway, they are truly horrendous.  I’ve got to wonder if the venture money pits that hire these guys even look at how the surveys are done.  They are a lesson in outsourcing – always check up on what you’re buying – you might end up with a company like e-rewards.  In fact, the business folks at e-rewards may well be brilliant, as they seem to have marquee customers and partners.  Unfortunately, business people seems to be all they have.

Here is a screenshot of the latest question I stumbled over.  Needless to say, I don’t use my brightest brain-hours for this waste of time, so I spent more time balancing my algebra than answering the question.  Would you do any better?  Are there developers really this inept that they can’t think of a better way to ask this question?  (Hint: Yes you need to calculate everything yourself – no clever javascript helpers allowed.)

Worst Survey Question Ever - e-rewards

This is just the beginning of how awful these surveys are.  The software asked me at least 10 times in a row about the range of revenue my company has.  (How many ways are there to say $0?)  Often it asks multiple checkbox questions like “which of these are brands do you know?”.  Then you get to answer the cartesian product of all the brands you checked with 20+ poorly worded questions – one per painfully slow un-Ajaxified screen load.  Often the questions require more thought about how to fill in the many small text fields than about how to answer.

Of course, if you’re in it for the funny money, you quickly learn to check only as few options as it will let you.  Check more and you’ll be there for hours.

I’ve said enough.  The screen shot speaks for itself.  I’ll even leave out the ironies of this sort of a customer research company having such a bad end user experience.

If anyone has the connections to make a better e-rewards happen, contact me.  We’ll be up and running in a few months.  Selling against e-rewards would just be too easy.

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