200817 jan

Plaxo Data Loss

I’ve found Plaxo to be a very cool tool. It keeps people’s contact info up to date and serves as a nice online repository and backup for my contact data. However keeping track of contact data is hard enough without having data loss.

Unfortunately, I have started to see random contacts and data fields disappearing when using Plaxo. This may or may not be related to using their new “de-duper,” which merges duplicate records. The de-duper seems to be generally careful about making mistakes, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t. The lost data seems to be sparse and random – not enough that you notice right away, but eventually you just don’t find something you knew was there.

I’ve restored my Mac Address Book from a backup before de-duping and the records are there. The only software I can blame is Plaxo. I have seen a references (see comments) to similar problems.

Anyone with a similar experience?

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